When Should I Turn on My Sprinklers in Denver

When Should I Turn on My Sprinklers in Denver?

When you are living in Colorado, generally you should turn off your sprinklers before October. This is to avoid the temperature dropping to 32 degrees so that the vacuum switch will not break. If you turn your system off in September, then you will eliminate the chance of it freezing. However, the true question is when to turn on your Littleton Sprinkler?

When Is a Good Time to Turn on Your Sprinklers?

It can be tempting to turn your sprinklers on for spring, but you should definitely wait until at least April 15 to avoid frost damage. The general rule is to turn on sprinklers on Mother’s Day for some customers. This is usually the 2nd or 3rd week in May, which will allow you to water from 6 pm at night until 10 am. The opening of the irrigation system for the season can also depend on the weather conditions that year. In general, the system should not be opened until the risk of freezing has passed.

What time of year to turn on sprinkler system off in Denver?

Typically once fall begins to roll around it is essential to turn off your irrigation system and prepare for the freeze. This is because the pipes and components can freeze and break if not. This can be a huge issue because water will get stuck in your taps, pipes, and sprinklers. When the water freezes, it expands and then your system can explode.

How often to water your lawn in Colorado

Typically you will want to water your lawn 12 times per week. This is essential for a healthy lawn. It is usually best to irrigate by moistening the soil and wetting it to a depth of 35 inches.

When to Aerate your Colorado lawn

Aerating your lawn will depend on the type of grass you plant. Kentucky Bluegrass is one that should be aerated in late summer or early fall. This means you should do so in the last week of August through mid-October. It should also be ventilated at least 50 days before the ground freezes so the grass can recover.

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