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Why Choose Sod for Your Lawn

Whether your lawn is battling issues like dead areas, dog urine spots, or contending with the threat of grass diseases, sod is the express lane to achieving a vibrant and lush green lawn. Or maybe you have just moved into a new Denver home and want a lawn that is established and ready to play on ASAP. Having sod installed is the quickest path to getting active in your new outdoor area.

Omni Landscape offers multiple types of sod based on your families needs and landscape dreams. From Tahoma 31™ , a new cold-tolerant bermudagrass that is drought tolerant to more known and common variety like Colorado Blue™ elite Kentucky bluegrass. We got the sod you need. Contact Omni Landscape today and discuss your sod project.

Residential & Commercial Sod Installation

We provide our sod installation and repair service to commercial, residential, and HOA properties in Denver, Littleton, Parker, and nearby communities in Colorado. Our team has been providing reliable services in our area for over 30 years, so you can rely on our professionals to deliver high-quality results and turn the dirt in your yard into a beautiful green lawn in no time.

Once the sod is laid out, our next step involves activating your irrigation system to provide the essential hydration your freshly installed lawn requires. Adhering to a carefully outlined watering schedule post-installation is pivotal; it not only ensures the immediate well-being of your turf but also plays a crucial role in established deep root growth. Our commitment extends beyond the sod installation process to include the meticulous management of your sprinkler system, and all your landscape needs, guaranteeing that every inch of your landscape receives the attention it needs.

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