When Is Too Late To Blowout Your Sprinklers?

When Is Too Late To Blowout Your Sprinklers?

Although there are plenty of sunny days in Colorado, winterizing efforts are still imperative for all homeowners. Sprinkler blowout in Denver is one step you can take to fully winterize your sprinkler system before the chill sets in.

This important sprinkler service not only keeps your irrigation system in working order. It also helps you save time and money in the spring so your yard stays lush all year round. Keep reading to learn more about sprinkler blowout services so you can properly winterize your system.

It’s all about the blowout

Sprinkler blowouts are more important than you might think. Many homeowners don’t realize that missing this imperative step causes sprinkler issues down the line. When it’s time to turn your sprinkler back on in the summer, you’ll have to dish out for unexpected sprinkler repair.

Winter sprinkler damage commonly occurs from leftover water in underground pipes and hoses. When the ground reaches a certain temperature, this stagnant water freezes and expands. This leads to burst pipes, torn hoses, and damaged valves. And a broken sprinkler doesn’t just impact your lawn. It can also cause flooding and runoff into neighborhood areas, resulting in potential fines.

Luckily, a professional trained in sprinkler blowouts in Denver can help mitigate these issues. Getting a sprinkler blowout every year is a low-cost way to protect your yard and keep your sprinkler system in good shape.

How do sprinkler blowouts work?

If you’ve decided to get a sprinkler blowout, you’ve made a good choice! Sprinkler blowouts are a relatively easy process and are performed by your local sprinkler repair company. The goal of the process is to remove as much leftover water as possible from your sprinkler hoses, pipes, and valves. If you’re wondering what all that entails – keep reading.

First, your sprinkler system gets cut off from the main water source. This ensures that no more water enters through to the pipes or hoses and limits the potential for flooding.

Your sprinkler blowout expert will then start the process of draining the sprinkler system of leftover water. This step doesn’t drain the system completely, however. If any leftover water remains in the pipes, it has the potential to freeze and cause damage. Using an industrial-grade air compressor, the remaining water is blown out of every part of the sprinkler. This includes the pipes, valves, hoses, and more.

Be advised that after the blowout process it is important to leave your sprinkler system unused until springtime. Avoid turning on the water again until the weather warms so you don’t need a second blowout before winter!

Professional Sprinkler Blowout

Curious about sprinkler blowout in Denver? Call a professional sprinkler blowout and repair team to ensure your blowout is done right. Request a free consultation from one of Omni’s skilled sprinkler blowout and repair technicians. We’ll help you winterize your sprinkler system quickly and efficiently. Avoid any future sprinkler damage with the best winterization methods for your home. Contact us today and get quoted!


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