When Is Too Late To Blow Out Your Sprinklers?

What is a Blowout?

Sprinkler blowouts are done to avoid damage to your pipes. They should be carried out by a professional, and do carry a risk to your pipes. It is important to have the blowout take place annually, before the first freeze of the year. This is essential because if you do it after the first freeze, it may be too late. The sprinkler blowout is done in irrigation systems found in parts of the country that get to freezing temperatures. It is only necessary to do so where the frost level can extend below the depth of the installed piping. 

They are commonly done by a professional installer and begin with both valves on the backflow preventer being closed. The next step involves the plug being removed from the blowout port, followed by a hose adapter being screwed in. Air will then be shot through the air hose and into the compressor. The water supply should already be turned off, and the lines will be blown with air pressure, while all water is being pushed from the pipes. 

If You Do Not Perform a Blowout

Although it might seem like something you can avoid doing, it is not recommended. You cannot simply turn off your water in the winter. You need to properly blow out the sprinkler system by a Sprinkler Blowout Denver provider. 

Without a proper blow out, you run the risk of needing to repair cracks or deal with defective backflow preventers. Eventually, you may end up spending a lot more.

Preparing for a Blowout

When you start to feel the cold weather, you may notice that freezing temperatures are nearing. This is when you need to blow out your sprinklers and shut off the water supply. Book your blowout as soon as possible to avoid the provider being full. Steps to prepare for a blow out:

  1. Turn off the water
  2. Open your test cocks
  3. Make sure your large valves are at a 45-degree angle
  4. Run a quick cycle
  5. Cover the backflow preventer with a cover

When is it too late to schedule your blowout?

In areas like Colorado, the best option to schedule a sprinkler blowout is in October. It is actually known as “blowout season”. Although, it is possible to blow out your sprinklers a bit earlier, because it can ensure you get an appointment. 

Don’t wait until it gets too cold or you may miss your window to do a preventative blowout. Then repairs will definitely be in the cards, and this can be expensive to fix. Be sure to schedule your blowout for late September, or early October, to shut off your water once the temperature begins to change from fall to winter.

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