What Is An Impact Sprinkler Head

Impact Sprinklers Explained

Many Denver homeowners rely on sprinklers as the number one choice for taking care of lawns and gardens. While there are many different types of sprinklers, impact sprinklers are one of the most popular for large spaces.

Impact sprinklers are most commonly used for irrigating large lawns and gardens. When you think of the traditional sprinkler “clicking noise”, you’re most likely thinking of impact sprinklers! The force of outgoing water pumps through the impact sprinkler head forcing it into a circular motion. Once the head reaches the end of its pivot, it rotates back to where it started to begin the motion again.

The rotation, distance, and water pressure can all be easily adjusted, as well. Each impact sprinkler head includes a diffuser pin and knobs that help control water pressure and spray. One reason why these lawn sprinklers are commonly used in commercial areas is because they can reach distances of up to 145 feet. However, they can be fed by a wider range of water types, making them a good choice for some residential areas, as well.


Benefits and Uses of Impact Sprinklers

There are many benefits to using this type of lawn and garden sprinkler. Impact sprinklers are versatile and customizable lawn tools. Impact sprinklers spray in a 40 to 360 degree arc. This allows you to measure the exact distances you need, which avoids overwatering or missing areas of your lawn or garden. You can also cover larger or smaller areas when you need to depending on weather or when creating specific water zones.

Water pressure is also customizable when it comes to impact sprinkler heads. These high-end lawn sprinklers have the ability to change water pressure with a simple diffuser pin. Whether you need a mist or a more powerful jet-stream, it’s easy to make the shift with an impact sprinkler system. This is a great option during changing seasons, when more water is needed during the hottest hours of the day.

Impact Sprinkler Base Types

Impact sprinkler heads are available in a few different versions including brass, bronze, and zinc. There are a few different base types available depending on the lawn type and area of installation. These include:

In-ground: Sprinkler heads can be pushed into the ground via a stake or spike located at the bottom of the sprinkler.

Tripod or pedestal: Tripods or pedestals are effective for gardens and irrigation. They allow the sprinkler heads to sit further off the ground for better distance and reach.

More questions about where to find impact sprinkler head installation, repair, or replacement? Contact professionals at Omni Landscape & Sprinkler.


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