Tips for Small Yard Landscaping in Denver

Small Yard Landscaping in Denver

You may think because you have a smaller green space on your property that landscaping isn’t for you. But beautiful Denver landscaping doesn’t have to mean large sweeping yards and acres of space. Landscaping is about making the most of the yard and land you have available to you. Any competent landscaper can help you make even the smallest of spaces on your property shine beautifully and be incredibly useful, all it takes is some ingenuity on your end and some creativity. 

Landscaping with Potted Plants & Trees

One of the fastest ways to get some green and foliage in your yard is through potted plants. Plenty of plants thrive in outdoor potted environments and many of them are incredibly unique, making for a diverse mini garden outside your home. You can even take it a step further by employing use of shelving or vertical plant walls to create a beautiful scene with your potted plants. 

Trees will fit just about anywhere and enough research will show you that there is always a tree for your space of land, style of soil, and climate. Don’t be deterred by small space or the harsh Denver winters, trees are versatile and offer great shade, great beauty, and great things for your local environment.

Turf vs. Non Grass Landscape Options

If you have minimal yard space but want the green, why not go low maintenance and eternally beautiful with turf? It’s an easy way to bring green to your yard without hassle or maintenance and will only boost your home’s value. Pets can run on it with ease, kids can play, and you never have to worry about it browning in a drought or dying in the frost. 

Another great and very modern option is to skip grass and turf completely and go for an earth, stone look. You can use wood or outdoor tiling to create a great space to relax and fill in space with rocks or pebbles. Concrete, stone, and wood are sleek and modern options to replace expanses of grass that you don’t want to deal with and they’re incredibly low maintenance in comparison. 

We at Omni  Landscaping and Sprinkler want to help you make the most of your yard that you have available to you. Take a look at our past projects and then contact us to get started on a consultation and estimate.

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