How to design a sprinkler system

How to design a sprinkler system

Sprinkler systems are the best, most efficient way to make sure all of the grass and foliage in your yard gets all of the water it needs. However, no two yards are alike. Neighbors with the same size yards can often have different specifications and needs that can make watering that space very different.

Designing your sprinkler system can be a daunting task, and getting help or guidance from a sprinkler company in Highlands Ranch can be a beneficial way to make sure you aren’t missing anything. Here are a few necessary steps to designing your own sprinkler system.

Make Sure Your System Measures Up

One of the most important parts of designing your own sprinkler system is knowing what you have to work with. Getting an accurate measurement of your property is crucial, because any miscalculation and pipes or sprinklers or both could be put in the wrong place. When measuring, make sure to include everything that’s a part of your landscape – from retaining walls to driveways to outdoor sheds.

Check Out Water Pressure

Water pressure can vary from one place to the next, so knowing how much pressure will be coming to the various parts of your yard is crucial. Ask the local water authority for a water pressure report, or you can determine it on your own. Turn off all the water inside your home, and then connect a water gauge to the outdoor spigot. Then open the outdoor spigot completely and measure the water output. Measure how many seconds it takes to fill a one-gallon container, and then divide that number by 60, and you’ll know the gallons per minute.

Get Your Yard In the Zone

Once you have the yard measured and know the water pressure, break up the space into hydrozones. These zones help make sure that things get watered evenly and equally. Some variables that affect these zones will be their size, how much sunlight the area gets, the type of soil in the area, and the number and types of plants in the area.

Find the Right Sprinklers and Lay It Out

After the zones are established, select the right sprinkler heads for each zone. Make sure to stay with a single brand, as not all sprinkler systems are compatible with each other. There are different heads that are better for different zones, so get the right ones for the space they’ll be watering. After that, it’s tile to measure your system again and layout piping. Break things up so that the sprinkler heads are clustered to control your space with one or more valves, and then organize them so that they can work together.

There’s a lot of legwork that goes into designing your own sprinkler system, but if done properly, it can be a great aspect for your property. For more information on how to best design your sprinkler system, or to get help designing it from an expert sprinkler company in Highlands Ranch, contact the experts at Omni Landscape & Sprinkler today.

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