How do I protect my pipes from freezing

How do I protect my pipes from freezing?

Frozen pipes are no joke in winter—learn how to protect your sprinkler system.

Our sprinkler pipes are something that we generally don’t think about until we have a reason to. Unfortunately, forgetting about these pipes during the wrong season can lead to some pretty serious problems. Frozen pipes can be a costly issue, which is why you need to protect your sprinkler pipes in winter. In this post, we’ll explain how to keep your sprinklers safe!

Protecting Against Frozen Sprinkler Pipes

A night or two of weather below freezing might not seem like much, but if your system isn’t prepared for it, you might be surprised by the level of damage that is possible. There are several ways to protect your pipes. Let’s explore some of the more common options available.

Insulate Your Pipes

Insulating any pipes that are above ground is a very important step to take with your system. Be sure to look through your system and find any pipes that are not buried underground. These pipes can be at a higher risk of freezing due to the exposure. Be sure to insulate them using foam or some other form of coverage to be safe.

Bury the Pipes Correctly

When you install your sprinkler system, where you place the lines is very important. A good installation team will ensure that your sprinkler pipes are buried fairly deep into the ground—usually 6 to 12 inches or more. This is because it allows the ground around the pipes to protect them against the cold.

Winterize the System

When sprinkler pipes freeze and burst, it is often because there is still water inside of them. Before it starts to get too cold, be sure to winterize the system. This means draining out the entire system and making sure that everything is shut down for winter. Water freezing inside of pipes is what causes them to burst, so make sure to avoid there being any water in the pipes during the off-season.

Have Your System Checked Every Season

The best way to ensure that your system is ready to last the cold of winter is to have it checked out by professionals. Irrigation experts can make sure that everything is in place for your system to survive the winter. They will make sure that the pipes are in the right place, that the system is drained, and that everything is properly covered for winter.

The Takeaway

Frozen pipes can be avoided–but sometimes they do happen. If your pipes are frozen, or you have any other concerns with your system, make a call to your local Littleton sprinkler repair professionals. 


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