How a Sprinkler System Can Help Your Lawn

When you see a beautiful, green lawn, the one thing that you know it has is a good watering system. This can, of course, be due to someone watering it by hand, but typically a lawn is watered by sprinklers. There are various types of lawn sprinklers, and our Denver Sprinkler company can help you discover which is right for you.

Why use sprinklers?

There are some lawn types that need to be watered often. However, having to do this by hand is almost impossible. You can’t leave your house or go away for the weekend if you do not have a sprinkler system. Even if you install drip irrigation in your garden, it is not always best for a lawn. Sprinklers are a necessity for a beautiful and lush lawn.

What are the types of sprinklers?

  • Pop-up Sprinklers
  • Traveling Sprinklers
  • Rotary Sprinklers for Lawn or Garden
  • Oscillating Lawn Sprinkler
  • Stationary Lawn Sprinklers
  • Misting sprinklers
  • Sprinkler Hose

Choosing the right type of Denver sprinkler system

There are a few factors that can help you to determine the type of sprinklers you should use in your yard.

Size of your land

If your garden or land is large, then you will need a far-reaching sprinkler. This can help you to save the cost of needing more sprinkler heads. If you have smaller land, then a sprinkler with a shorter reach should work just fine.

Water pressure

Considering the water pressure on your property is essential. Although it may not seem like a big deal, it matters which sprinkler you can install. If you have higher water pressure then you can install more types of sprinklers. However, if you have lower pressure you need to be careful with what you choose.

The shape of your lawn

If you are specifically watering a lawn, you need to consider its size and shape. If you have a square piece of land or a lawn that is circular you will need to treat them differently. If the areas around your lawn should not be sprayed, or you live somewhere with a drought, you should try to match your piece of land exactly rather than waste any water.

How it looks

If you care about how your sprinkler looks then this will be of consideration for you. Some people do not care if they can see the sprinkler heads above the ground, while other people do not want them visible at all. If this is how you feel, then you may need to install underground sprinklers that are not visible above ground.

Automatic vs manual sprinklers

Generally, automatic sprinklers are the easiest because you can simply install them, and then set them to water your lawn when you want to do so. They can water your lawn in the morning or at night, whatever you prefer. Even while you are on vacation. Manual sprinklers do not have timers and require you to be present. This is similar to simply watering your lawn and may not be the best option.

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