5 Fall Landscaping Tips…Plus A Little More

After the continued responsibility of Summertime upkeep, it’s easy to let Fall landscaping slip silently into the inevitable Winter coverup. Gearing up for one last go before the snow can save you and your landscaping lots of heart and wallet ache next Spring.Take these tips out with the rake and get a grip on Fall landscaping duties once and for all! At Omni Sprinkler and Landscaping, we like to give just that little bit extra.

At Omni Sprinkler and Landscaping, we like to give just that little bit extra. So, the Fall-owing tips each have that little bit more that sets Omni apart. Enjoy!

1. Rake with the Wind

They say ‘Don’t spit into the wind..’ The same rings true of raking. Use the powers that be to your advantage and rake in the direction of the wind. If a swirling wind, pick the primary direction and find a corner fence or landscaping feature to help keep the pile from blowing away

Or better yet…

After initial top layer leaf litter removal, mow the remaining leaves and grass into a mulch. If the grass is still visible under the leaf litter, initial removal is not necessary – just mow it all. Placing mulch in flowerbeds in the Fall means a healthier head start to growth in the Spring. We’ll get into that a bit more, later.

2. Wear Gloves

They’re just leaves, right? Not so fast. Even sparsely dropped leaves can hide sharp branches and twigs. Protect the things that protect you, and wear gloves. Nearly any type of glove will do, although latex kitchen gloves may be a bit too light. Neoprene kitchen gloves, cloth gardening gloves, and leather landscaping gloves are all suitable for Fall landscaping.

Or better yet…

With one last landscaping project before the Winter freeze, Fall is a perfect time to take a bit of extra time to find a permanent place for your landscaping tools and accessories. From here on out, they look to be stored for a least a few months. Ensure a fast restart in the Spring by taking the time in the Fall to store all landscaping equipment, properly.

3. Stomp on the Piles

Periodically throughout raking, take the time to stomp on the small piles you’ve built up. Not only will there be more room for a bigger pile, it will keep the leaves from blowing away in a sudden breeze. You can also use gloved hands…

…or better yet…

Jump in them! Be sure to remove any sharp sticks, twigs, and other debris with gloves beforehand. After all that is out, pile ‘em up and jump in! The spike in happiness more than makes up for the slight bit more work you create for yourself. Never forget to live a little!

4. Fall Mulching > Spring Mulching

Combining the homemade mulch of fallen leaf litter and one last bit of grass with mulches commonly found at the hardware store creates a superpower protection plan for the Winter. The additional water retention mulch provides is imperative to using Winter snow to your (plants’) advantage, without harming deep roots. The extra layer of mulch also further decreases the chance of root freeze.

Or better yet…

If mulch is already present, Fall is a great time to ‘fluff’ or ‘turn’ the mulch already installed. Doing so before the first hard freeze can decrease the need for more mulch next Spring. Accent with a small amount of additional mulch created from Fall cleanup and replacement may not be necessary for a year.

5. Fill Cracking Concrete

Rest assured, Winter is coming. Large accumulations of snow are inevitable. But so are those inexplicable warm days – or if early Fall is any indication, weeks. The constant freeze-thaw cycles in Colorado force water and ice into the cracks and crevasses of unrepaired concrete. Freeze expansion can quickly create canyons out of mere cracks in your driveway or concrete walkway.

Or better yet…

Contact Omni Sprinkler & Landscaping for a Free Fall landscaping consultation, today! Our trusted experts will provide honest, dependable service, creating the perfect custom landscaping plan for you. Cracking concrete could be an indication to a deeper problem, only a trusted Denver landscaping expert can wholly determine your landscaping needs.

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