How long should I hand water my lawn

Watering the lawn can be a quick and simple process—but how long does it really take?

Irrigation systems have changed the way that most people water their lawns, but these systems are not the only option. Many people still continue to manually water their lawns with the use of helpful sprinkler tools instead of full-on irrigation systems. In this post, we are going to look at how long you should water your lawn for each week.

Hand Watering: What to Consider

Your lawn needs water to grow and stay green. Without it, your yard will dry up and die. With too much water, however, you can accidentally drown your yard, killing it in the process. Knowing exactly how to maintain your lawn is very important if you plan to manually handle the process. Let’s take a closer look at this.

Can You Water Your Lawn by Hand?

With so many people relying on sprinkler systems, you might assume that sprinkler systems are always superior. Though more people are using these convenient and concise systems, the art of watering your lawn by hand is one that still works to this day. You can absolutely manage this process manually if you have the expertise and spare time.

How Much Water Does Your Lawn Really Need?

The amount of water that your lawn needs each week can vary depending on what kind of grass you have and what other plants you are caring for. However, most recommend that standard grass lawns receive roughly an inch of water spread out throughout the week–though this can vary on hotter weeks. It is important to make sure that your lawn stays hydrated, but it can be even more important to avoid over hand watering.

How Often Should You Hand Water Your Lawn?

While it can be tempting to just give your yard a really good hand watering for the week, this really isnt ideal for grass. In fact, it is more likely to drown your lawn. Spread your watering out throughout the week with three or four sessions each week.

How Long Should You Hand Water Your Lawn For?

Actual times can vary depending on the kind of system that you use to water your lawn since they all offer different amounts of water. However, it is generally best to water for 20 to 35-minute sessions throughout the week. To find out what works best for your lawn, start small and increase watering times if the grass still seems dry.

The Takeaway

Hand watering is an effective way to manage your lawn, but it isn’t always the most efficient. If you find yourself watering your lawn by hand due to a damaged sprinkler system, you need the sprinkler repair Highlands Ranch residents are using to get this process automated. A dedicated system can be more efficient and provide a better spread too. Contact Omni to get the support you need today!


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