Working At Omni

The Day In The Life Of An Omni Employee . . .

My name is Sarah. I work at the front desk of Omni Sprinkler Service and Landscaping. It is the easiest thing in the world to say I love my job. Every morning I come to work I am greeted with “Good Mornings” from every person who crosses my path. These folks that work in the office and out in the field breathe life into others, building each other up. Teamwork is a mentality we take very seriously around here. We succeed and fail together.

The entire staff here is comprised of honest people who work hard at work worth doing. The family that owns and operates this business cares about every employee on the payroll, and they take pride in being able to employ so many people. This environment breeds productivity and produces a positive impact on our surrounding communities.  From water conservation, to installing high quality sprinkler systems and landscape designs, this company puts one-hundred-percent of their passion into this business. It is so refreshing to see a company who cares so much about every aspect of their company.

My experience with the company has been completely positive as well. My ideas are heard and embraced. Even as the idea of writing this article came to me, I was a little anxious about presenting it to the owner. After I told him about my idea he welcomed it wholeheartedly, and I knew how silly it was of me to worry at all. If there is a way to improve the business they not only encourage you to develop those ideas, but they want you to experience the joy of creativity.  I thrive in atmospheres that promote these kinds of ideas, and companies which encourage out of the box thinking.

Since my initial employment back in April, the owner of the company, managers and staff take care in making every installation go smoothly. They care about each of you. We follow up with every client to ensure that they know how important they are to our business.  You, the ones reading this article, the ones who call us to service your sprinkler system year after year, the ones who hire us to do your landscaping, you are the people who have made our home grown business thrive these past thirty years. Thank you for supporting a local business.

As for me, I can’t thank Omni enough for employing me. I wouldn’t write this article otherwise. I wouldn’t have even thought to do this for any other employer I’ve worked with in the past. Every single day I get to come to work here is truly a blessing of extraordinary kind. Everyone treats me with respect and kindness. I appreciate you reading this article, and taking the time to learn about Omni Sprinkler Service and Landscaping. If my eyewitness account is worth anything please book with us because Omni is the best choice for your Landscaping and Sprinkler Projects.


A radiantly enthusiastic employee . . .


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