How to Care for my Landscaping During the Winter

If you’re from Colorado, chances are, you take your Denver landscaping seriously. Many homeowners in this region do! Much pride goes into our yards, even during the chilly winter months when snow blankets the ground and hides all of our hard work from the naked eye.

Can you continue upkeep for your lawn, even during the winter? The short answer: absolutely!

The long answer? It does take some TLC, but you can show your lawn care during any time of the year. Here are a few helpful, green tips and tricks for lawn care during the Winter:

4 Helpful Winter Lawn Care Tips

Though there are many things you can do your lawn during the harsh, cold winter season, here are the top four suggestions from our landscape professionals here at Omnissal. Following these tricks will help bring your careful vibrancy back to your landscape as soon as the snow melts and Spring comes to grace us again.

1. Always Winterize Your Irrigation Systems

The importance of aeration and winterizing your lawn and sprinklers in preparation for the freezing temperatures is key. Without blowing out your sprinklers, you may be damaging or destroying the pipes and water heads. This will leave quite an expensive mess for you come springtime.

2. Plan Ahead With Your Fertilization

Feeding your lawn before the first big freeze of the year is a common habit to have if you’ve got a green thumb. Knowing the best time to fertilize, where, how, and when to begin feeding your yard again after winter will help you keep a green, lively landscape. Winter doesn’t have to destroy the work you put in during the rest of the year. Learn more about when to fertilize and pick up some gardening tips!

3. Add Mulch Layers For Plant Protection

Around the base of your trees and other plants, you should be building a protective layer of mulch. A few inches of hearty soil and fuel for your grass and vegetation will go a long way, even during a particularly nasty winter. Helping with moisture, protection, and fighting off salt and over-exposure are all areas that mulch assists with, and it’s too good a trick to pass up. Especially since its cost effective and extremely easy to do!

4. Flush Your Soil With Water

Salt build up from ice and melted snow can be detrimental to the growth of your large plants, such as trees and shrubbery. If you use a lot of melting agents in your lawn, especially during the beginning and end of winter, you want to make sure you’re giving just as much additional care to your trees. Take buckets of water and flush out the soil around your foliage to purify it of harmful salt and chemicals that could stunt growth or kill the living plants.

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