Can I Have a Putting Green in My Backyard?

Golf and putt-putt has been a fan-favorite sport and hobby for several years, and has become a staple in American culture. While large, luxurious golf courses, resorts, and clubs have been a fun chance to get away from ordinary life and enjoy some nature and exercise, some have been more unique with their ideas, and have introduced a concept of at-home miniature putting greens right in their backyard.

This idea has appealed to many, but it comes with it’s own set of possibilities, negatives, and benefits. To answer the question in the most simplest of ways, yes! A putting green in a residential backyard is entirely possible, and in some cases, a great way to create a unique and interesting landscape for your home.

However, there is more to consider when you are deciding if you want to include a backyard putting green in your landscape plan. While it may be possible, make sure you’re considering these other aspects of the job before making your final decision.

What It Takes To Create A Backyard Putting Green

Still unsure if a putting green for your backyard is right for you? These 6 key areas will help you understand more about the idea and help you determine it’s doability for your home and lawn.


First, consider the layout of your yard and garden. It’s important that you have the space for a decently sized putting green. Talking with landscape artists can also help you determine the best spot and design for the particular putting green.


Most putting greens for residential homes will be a couple thousand dollars, more if you’re doing full landscape designs complete with rockbeds and patios. There are some DIY options, but gathering all that you’ll need and applying the time required could be more expensive than using a lawn care company.


Timing is everything! In order to get the landscaping done for your putting green, you’ll need to to time correctly and watch the weather. It’s also important to keep in mind the duration that your putting green will be under construction, and schedule accordingly.


Your putting surface, usually turf grass, is the key element for this design. You may also have fencing, rocks, stones, furniture, ponds or foundations, sand, and other materialistic elements added to the creation of your putting green. Knowing what all you want and how decorative you wish to go will help you create a budget and time length to expect and plan for.


Plan the new putting green into your lawn care routine. How will it affect your sprinkler systems and irrigation lines? Will there be additional work when it comes to planting, weeding, and keeping your foliage healthy? Plan in advance for the extra maintenance required.


Finally, it’s time to consider the productivity your putting green will provide your home. Like a swimming pool, you need to measure if the cost of creation, installation, and upkeep will be worth the amount of enjoyment you receive from the amenity. Will it be used enough to warrant the addition to the house?  

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