What Are The Most Important Parts of a Sprinkler System?

What Are The Most Important Parts of a Sprinkler System

Most homeowners experience the many benefits of Denver sprinkler systems. These systems are key for keeping yards beautiful year round. They not only promote lush lawns, but help save money on energy bills.

Fortunately, sprinkler systems are fairly straightforward when it comes to design, components, and maintenance. Their main use is that of irrigation and distributing water to parts of your yard that need it most. Understanding the most important parts of a Denver sprinkler system is important for when issues arise. Discover what the most important parts of the sprinkler system are below. 

Sprinkler System Components

One of the most important parts of the sprinkler system is the water source. If it doesn’t have a reliable water source, your sprinkler simply won’t work. Typical water sources include wells, streams, ponds, or other local water supply. The system is then hooked up to the mainline water source to supply water to the irrigation system around your yard.

Another important component to consider is the PBV, or Pressure breaker valve. This device helps prevent contamination to other water sources, including drinking water. It stops contaminated water from flowing backwards in the potable water supply using a pressurized system.

Often referred to as the brain of the sprinkler, the timer communicates to the rest of the system. This controller directs water to and from the water source, opens and shuts valves, and helps the system function. You can even program a specific water schedule using the timer. Scheduling specific shut-off times help to regulate water usage and save on expensive water bills.

Known as the heart of the sprinkler system, the water pump is key for maintaining water pressure. In fact, the system won’t respond properly without the right amount of water pressure provided by the pump. Sprinkler systems require more water pressure than usual in order to work properly. The water pump provides a higher level of pressure that gets moved through the pipes to the sprinkler heads.

Sprinkler heads are needed in order to get full water coverage around your yard. Best of all, you get to choose which type of sprinkler head is right for you. The most common sprinkler head types are:

  • Pop-up: a type of sprinkler head that “pops up” when watering and rests underground when not in use. Use pop-up sprinkler heads for garden and flower beds, ground cover, and lawns.
  • Shrub: a type of sprinkler head that is fixed to risers that are elevated above the ground. Use shrub sprinkler heads for larger greenery, shrubs, and trees.
  • Rotor: a type of sprinkler head that rotates using multiple streams of water. Use rotor sprinkler heads for larger lawn spaces that are 18 feet wide or more.
  • Spray: a type of sprinkler head that utilizes mist or water droplets in a fixed pattern. Use spray sprinkler heads for small flower and garden beds and small lawn spaces. 

These are just a few of the most important parts of a home sprinkler system. Contact Omni Landscape and Sprinkler, A Denver sprinkler company,  with questions or for more information regarding your system.

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