The Need for New Build Landscaping in Parker 

Parker is situated in the Denver metropolitan area, approximately 20 miles southeast of downtown Denver. The town has experienced significant population growth over the years, attracting residents seeking a suburban lifestyle while being close to Denver. As people continue to move into the Parker area, we see more and more new homes being built. One of the main requests we see is landscape design focused on outdoor living.

Parker Landscape Design – Artistic Outdoor Living

Parker backyard landscaping patio and firepit.

In Parker, Colorado, outdoor living takes on a whole new dimension with its breathtaking views, making the outdoor space a haven for those seeking the ultimate natural refuge. The town offers a sanctuary for families, where the surrounding beauty seamlessly blends with a “indoor life outdoors” vibe. With its gorgeous landscapes and vistas, Parker becomes more than just a place to reside; it transforms into a sanctuary, creating an environment where the beauty of the outdoors becomes an integral part of everyday life. Whether enjoying the expansive views or embracing the seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living, Parker, Colorado, provides a picturesque setting for those seeking a harmonious connection with nature.

Landscape design in Parker, Colorado, is elevated to an art form, seamlessly blending outdoor living with the stunning natural surroundings. Patios, thoughtfully integrated into the landscape, serve as versatile spaces where residents can soak in the picturesque views while enjoying the fresh mountain air. These meticulously designed patios become extensions of the home, providing a harmonious transition from indoor to outdoor living. They serve as the perfect foundation for creating outdoor rooms, each uniquely designed to capture the essence of nature.


What Makes It Outdoor Living

Pergola for outdoor living in parker.

Bringing inside life outdoors is “outdoor living”. The incorporation of outdoor kitchens adds a touch of luxury to Parker’s landscape design. Positioned strategically, these kitchens become culinary hubs where residents can cook and entertain while surrounded by the beauty of the outdoors. The integration of outdoor fireplaces adds warmth and charm, creating cozy nooks within the landscape design. Whether it’s a crackling fire on a cool evening or a gathering around the hearth, these outdoor fireplaces enhance the overall experience, allowing residents to connect with nature even in the heart of their outdoor living spaces. Pergolas, with their elegant designs, provide architectural interest and define spaces, further contributing to the seamless fusion of outdoor living and the natural beauty that defines Parker, Colorado.


Parker Communities Embrace Outdoor Living

In the heart of Parker, Colorado, the essence of outdoor living takes on a profound significance when spent with loved ones. Quality time with family becomes a cherished experience amid the breathtaking moments offered by Parker’s remarkable outdoor atmosphere. Choosing to live life outside is not just a preference; it’s a celebration of the natural beauty that envelops this community.

Gazing at the awe-inspiring mountain scenery right from the backyard of your Parker home adds a touch of magic to everyday life. It’s an invitation to savor the unique qualities that make Colorado so special. In these moments, investing in a landscape design that seamlessly embraces the surrounding beauty becomes more than a choice; it becomes a tribute to the outdoor lifestyle we hold dear. The connection between the landscape design and the natural wonders of Colorado creates a harmonious synergy, allowing residents to appreciate and revel in the beauty that makes Parker a truly extraordinary place to call home. Let Omni Landscape show you what your outdoor living landscape could look like!



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