Can I Get a Sprinkler Installed During Winter

Can I Get a Sprinkler Installed During Winter?

Sorry to break it to you, but if you are looking for the best time to install your sprinkler system, it is in the fall. This is because the weather is typically just right. It is not too cold, but also not necessary to use daily. Although there is really not a bad time for Sprinkler Installation Denver, the best time is always the fall.


Why Install in Fall?

Since most of the time in the fall people are not necessarily thinking about the color of their lawn, it is left alone. Because leaves and cold air affect how they look, most people do not stress about it. The springtime is typically when people begin to care about how their lawn looks, which makes sense why you would install your system in the fall. Autumn weather is also very ideal when it comes to installation, mainly because your soil is the right temperature in the fall.

Summer Sprinkler Installation

During the summer it can be too hot, which may result in damage to your lawn. Although the damage is most likely not permanent, it can be frustrating attempting to install in the summer heat.

What About the Winter?

When the winter comes around your soil might be frozen. This can make it very difficult to dig into the ground and put the pipes in the ground.  Despite this, you can install in the winter, but it may be very difficult, or prices of the installation may go up. This is why you will want to go with an installation in the fall.

When is Installation the Most Expensive?

The most expensive time of the year to install a sprinkler system is in the late winter, and early spring. In the early spring, sprinkler installation is expensive because this is the time that everyone remembers that they want a beautiful lawn.

On the opposite end, sprinkler installation is expensive during the winter for the sheer difficulty of it, and the poor conditions regarding snow or temperature. By having your installation done in the fall, you can avoid these high seasons.

If You Are Offered a High-Season Discount

If you do find a high-season discount, you should be wary. This may be for one of four reasons:

  1. Previously inflated their prices to prepare for a reduction in cost to draw new customers.
  2. Reduced labor quality by hiring unskilled workers.
  3. Poor quality of parts, such as a bargain-basement system.
  4. They are going out of business and attempting to gather as much business as they can before cutting their losses.

What If I Want My Sprinklers Installed Now? (It’s Winter)

If you want to have your sprinkler system installed in the winter you can do so. If you can though, attempt to have it installed when there is no snow. Snow can make the ground very difficult to dig into, and you may end up causing a lot of damage to your lawn. The best choice to make is to wait until fall, otherwise, you may be paying a bit more for a harder job.

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